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This past fall Kody went in for a standard gallbladder surgery and everything went well with her surgery.  However, the next morning she woke up having had an apparent stroke.  After being evaluated at the ER in Fairview, she was transported to the Mercy Neurology ICU.  The doctors tried relieving the swelling and pressure on her brain with medication but ended up having to take out a piece of her skull to give her brain room to swell. The doctor's ended up removing three pieces of her skull.  After almost 3 weeks in ICU, Kody was moved to the Oklahoma City Rehabilitation Hospital  where she spent 2 months working with her therapists.   


On January 26th, Kody was released to come home to continue her therapy at Fairview Regional Medical Center. At this time she is working to regain function of her left side and requires full time assistance as she is recovering. She wears a helmet during most of her activities as she still has those pieces missing from her skull that will eventually be put back in place. Kody has a long road ahead of her but her personality, spirit and determination are ever present. We are excited to support Kody and her family and look forward to watching her make a full recovery. 

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